Valle de Colchagua ValleyDescribing the wines from the Colchagua Valley in a few words is impossible. There is no one style that can describe the entire valley. Colchagua is probably one the most diverse valleys in Chile, with vineyards from Sierras de Bellavista in the Andes Mountains to the east, all the way to the edge of the ocean in Paredones to the west. The heart of the valley, without question, is the city of Santa Cruz. And while Marchigüe is pretty far away from everything, Polkura forms an integral part of this appellation, and we are proud to put Colchagua Valley on our wine labels. Although wine has been made in the area for centuries, Colchagua today is synonymous with the same modernity that helped pitch launch Chilean wine to the rest of the world in the 90s. More consolidated today, Colchagua shows a more mature style, that will be the base of the classic wines of the future.